//Не съм писала поезия от началото на лятото и всичките ми песни оттогава са без текст, та този малък чийзи факс ме изненада най-приятно вчера и още му се радвам, затова споделям.

| MAY |

The moon is young and so are we
it’s way too early to pretend
that we don’t feel
that we don’t see

Our hands in pockets
play with change
and some receipts
our minds all lost in waste, in vain
project the things that we don’t need

It’s only our bodies that tell them our stories
don’t open your eyes, you know we are high
and there’s a wheel, and there’s a fair
and we are on it, it’s not fair
how we are bound to come to ground

So stay a while, breathe in the air
so rare, so there, so sweet, without care
up, up, we go, up, up, my love
up, up, in may we stay.