//Не съм писала поезия от началото на лятото и всичките ми песни оттогава са без текст, та този малък чийзи факс ме изненада най-приятно вчера и още му се радвам, затова споделям.

| MAY |

The moon is young and so are we
it’s way too early to pretend
that we don’t feel
that we don’t see

Our hands in pockets
play with change
and some receipts
our minds all lost in waste, in vain
project the things that we don’t need

It’s only our bodies that tell them our stories
don’t open your eyes, you know we are high
and there’s a wheel, and there’s a fair
and we are on it, it’s not fair
how we are bound to come to ground

So stay a while, breathe in the air
so rare, so there, so sweet, without care
up, up, we go, up, up, my love
up, up, in may we stay.


Отдавна не съм писала тук.
Ако трябва да споделя нещо ново – уча се да свиря на пиано и ужасно ми харесва!))

Това е песничката, с чийто текст участвах в конкурса за песен, посветена на спечелената от Варна титла Европейска младежка столица за 2017 г. Не спечелих, но пък си харесвам песента и затова го публикувам тук.

Пазете се, бъдете и т.н.!


Chasing dragons


The morning has no sympathy
It just screams across the room
Making light of everything
Taking you
And now I’ve got a creature on my mind
Go chase your dragon and I’ll chase mine

They say time is just one long straight line
And they can deaden a girl while she’s still alive
Well, man, we’ve had one hell of a ride
Go chase your dragon and I’ll chase mine

I know I know I know I know
The sweeter it gets the deeper you go
I don’t think we’re coming back this time
Man, go chase your dragon and I’ll chase mine

Now there’s nothing left to say that’s true
So forget about me and I’ll forget about you
Well I’m going to find a way to catch that sun
And then I’ll leave you behind my beautiful one