​Над мен луната расте

с теб знаем – пълнотата й е край

не остава много да се маем

не остава дълго да мечтаем

В края на краищата (звучи фатално, а не е; случва се често, по него мерим времето и се вълнуваме)

слънцето стои срещу луната

а между тях единствено земя

единствено земя? единствено земята?

(ръката ти, ръката ми, реката…)

или единствено земя стои между телата, които нас ни занимават

тела, които са ни чужди

тела, които са за малко

тела, в които сме назаем

След края (който идва често, твърде често, за да не очакваме)

луната тръгва да догони слънцето

(по-далеч един от друг не са заставали)

по пътя нежно излинява

(почти до смърт, до смърт и до начало)

Към луната гледам, тя расте, аз знам за края

после свеждам поглед и започвам да броя дали, кога ще те позная

Свободно Падане

//духовни – свободно падане

I’ve felt two soulmate connections in this life. 

The first one was with a girl with whom I share a name, a profession/passion and the mutual feeling between us, as she put it, „sometimes I wonder if I/you exist or it’s just a projection of my mind“. There’s this cute story from the start of our friendship when we’re walking in a theatre basement to work and out of nowhere we start singing the same Wickeda song and everybody is staring at us. Moments after she says she likes to take photos but hasn’t done it in a while. And she shows me a gallery on her laptop and I start laughing and reach out for my phone (it’s an old phone, before smartphones) and show her my chosen gallery of 5 photos where front and center is one of hers. That’s when I knew. The next years we both will blossom, that’s the word, we will be daring at showing our true selves to the world.

The second one was Viktor, whose playlist on Youtube I check regularly, because I miss him deeply and that’s the only way I’ve found to still feel connected to him in a way. That’s where I found this.
Also this:

//this post is in English, because it was a draft for something else.

these things take forever

//Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life

Seafret – Oceans – 7 Layers Sessions

I wish I can feel your skin
And I want you
From somewhere within

It feels like there’s oceans
Between me and you once again
We hide our emotions
Under the surface and tryin’ to pretend


Bo Burnham | Art is Dead

Jim Carrey | dream up

Saturn/Sleeping At Last

I simply love everything this guy does. He is interacting with my soul in a way just a few (if any) have ever managed to do. It’s something so rare these days, in this life, at least for me. And I appreciate it, the existence of him and his music and me standing here breathing, aching, being.

Acoustic love.