we all falter
but does it matter?

I am One of Them

A squirrel, two sparrows.
A crippled dog.
Hit. Grasp, save, grasp, hit, miss.
Miss. Miss again.
And I see your eyes.
Fur, feathers. Blood. And that noise.
Tree, fence, sunshine. Miss. Save.
Hit. Hit again. And that noise.
I’d pick you up from the grass.
But there’s nowhere to take you…
I am one of them.
Sister of mine, don’t worry.
Hit, miss, save.
Skin, bruises, blood.
And I see your eyes too, Sister.
I say don’t worry, but what am I going to do?
I’d pick you up, but where would I take you?
I am one of them.


Mad. Mad thoughts.
Crazy, twisted, sinewy
Mad obsession.
You sicken me.
You’re so beautiful, love.
I grind you into a fine, soft
Powder and inhale you…
Lick you off of my fingers.
You love, answer me.
Your face brings me death every day…
And every day I can’t wait to die.
Bury me now, love.
Bury me now.


I plea for normal between these four walls.
For hell to take the night off.
I’m spinning
And smiling
And falling
But the dark keeps crashing in.
Gnawing at me, the day.
Not even as satisfying as death,
but just failure to live.
Hate would be a delicacy.
Just empty, with nothing to say.
You can’t kill me.
Only I can do that
And I may.
Teenage Dirtbag (2009)

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